Interview Of

Trent Walton

Founder & 1/3 of Paravel.

The Work Questionnaire.

What made you go the way you chose to go?

I wanted to be a part of a profession that wasn’t already mostly hashed out. With the web, there is plenty of space to innovate, to make things up as we go.

What’s the greatest difficulty you had to overcome to do what you’re doing now?

The fear of making mistakes.

What’s the greatest difficulty you face on a daily basis to keep on doing what you’re doing?

The fear of being afraid to make mistakes.

When did you find yourself thinking, “Well, this is it. I’m really doing what I want now”?

I’m more worried about whether or not what I’m doing will continue to be valuable and useful. The web changes too quickly for me to think I’m locked in.

How did you set your activity up? What was the process that led you to do what you’re doing?

I started a company with two of my friends. We invested in each other and it seems to be paying off.

How do you imagine the future?

I think we’ll use and rely on the web more and more, but it will be less intrusive. Hopefully, we’ll spend less time staring at screens when we’re with friends. Also, still no hover cars.

What would you consider to be the main quality in order to survive in your field?

The desire to learn what’s next.

And what is the indispensable flaw that someone should have in order to get into your business?