One Two One Two Microphone Check is about finding people who make things happen in various cultural fields; aims at overlapping those various cultural fields and mixing them all together to serve them fresh to you; isn’t retro, nor nostalgic, nor even happy, for that matter; is published ten times a year (from february to november); takes itself seriously but isn’t serious; asks questions through which our day and age can quietly and discreetly make their everyday poetry resound; isn’t avant-gardist, nor post-structuralist, nor deconstructivist; doesn’t provide lengthy introductions about its guests: those who have to ask will never know; fixes your coffee and does your laundry; isn’t buzz-centered and doesn’t focus on breaking news about its guests; isn’t about making money, but about getting richer; is responsive, but cannot be held responsible for that, respects those who have read it right through to the end.

Ototmc is brought to you by @alexduloz